Does Your Startup Website Pass The First Impression Test? | Design Review

Does Your Startup Website Pass The First Impression Test? | Design Review

Coming Up (00:00:00)

  • The importance of making a great first impression on a website within seconds.

Artisan AI (00:01:04)

  • Overall Impression:
    • Too much going on, not clear what the website is about.
  • Key Takeaways:
    • Simplify the above-the-fold content.
    • Use one headline, one tagline, and one call to action.
    • Make the hero section the most prominent and remove unnecessary elements.
    • Avoid creating the paradox of choice with multiple call to actions.

Bottomless (00:02:52)

  • Clean and trustworthy-looking website.
  • Physical products are displayed.
  • The domain name is relevant but not memorable.
  • Missed the smart scale and initially thought it was dog food.
  • Repeat deliveries at the perfect time is a good phrase.
  • Animation and motion can draw attention to important elements on the website.
  • Use motion to show the product in an intuitive way.
  • Movement draws the eye and can make a website more memorable.

Cloudthread (00:06:07)

  • The reviewer did not immediately understand what the website does.
  • The motion on the website was distracting and made it difficult to process the text.
  • The text contained jargon that was not familiar to the reviewer.
  • The website did not clearly explain the problem it solves or how it solves it.
  • The reviewer had to scroll down and read a lot of text before they could understand what the website does.
  • The reviewer recommends using simple language and communicating very clearly the problem the website solves and how it solves it.
  • The reviewer suggests that the website should make it clear if the product is for the viewer.

Integrated Reasoning (00:09:21)

  • The website uses jargon that may not be understood by the general audience.
  • There is excessive use of empty space above the fold.
  • The text is too small and difficult to read.
  • The animations are distracting and do not effectively communicate the company's message.

Kapacity (00:12:27)

  • The website has a clean design with minimal text, making it easy to understand the product's purpose within 5 seconds.
  • The illustration is plain and basic, and it doesn't clearly show what the product is or how it works.
  • The sub-headline and the text on the buttons could be larger to improve readability.
  • It's unclear whether the product is a new heat pump, an add-on, or involves hardware or software.

Rollstack (00:14:21)

  • Automates slide decks and documents for client QBRs, client MBR pitch decks, and board presentations.
  • Uses animations to explain the product, but there are too many animations happening at the same time, which makes it difficult to focus.
  • The diagrams are technical with icons that are not easily understood.
  • The white text on the blue background is difficult to read.
  • The animations move too fast, making it difficult to follow if not watched from the beginning.
  • The pencil-outlined browser windows and presentation windows are not easily distinguishable from the background.
  • There are too many small details and icons, making it difficult to digest the information.
  • The icons at the bottom representing supported formats are not clear and require users to interpret their meaning.
  • Despite the issues, the product looks interesting and may attract customers.

Ampstem (00:17:30)

  • Hero background is beautiful nature scenery but doesn't convey cleaning services.
  • Headline and background don't clearly indicate cleaning services.
  • Lacks differentiation from other cleaning companies.
  • Location (Nigeria) is mentioned at the bottom and should be made more prominent.

Bert Labs (00:19:12)

  • Website loads slowly due to heavy images, which can negatively impact search rankings.
  • Google deprioritizes websites with slow loading times, especially on mobile networks.
  • Page speed is a crucial factor in Google's website ranking criteria.
  • Users are likely to leave a website if it doesn't load within a few seconds.

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