House Speaker Johnson and GOP hold news conference

House Speaker Johnson and GOP hold news conference

Concerns about President Biden's Cognitive Fitness

  • Rep. Lauren Boebert expresses concern about President Biden's cognitive fitness to serve as President and Commander-in-Chief.
  • She cites a recent House report suggesting Biden may not be cognitively fit for his job and believes he is influenced by radical extremists in the White House.
  • Boebert calls for Biden to undergo a cognitive test as part of his upcoming physical exam and criticizes the lack of such a test during President Trump's physical exam.

Impeachment of DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas

  • Rep. Mark Green discusses the House's impeachment of DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas for refusing to comply with laws and breaching public trust.
  • Green highlights the devastating impact of the border crisis on communities and accuses Mayorkas of defying, ignoring, and replacing laws enacted by Congress.
  • He emphasizes the need for the Senate to hold a trial and convict Mayorkas.

House Republicans' Actions and Priorities

  • Rep. Jim Jordan emphasizes the importance of holding the Biden Administration accountable and highlights the work of the House Republican majority in addressing issues like the border crisis and Afghanistan withdrawal.
  • House Republicans are holding Secretary Mayorkas accountable for the border crisis and impeaching him.
  • They criticize the Biden Administration's attacks on energy independence and pausing pending approvals on liquefied natural gas exports.
  • House Republicans are listening to the American people and taking action to address the border crisis.
  • They reject the Senate-produced bill on border security for being silent on the issue and vow not to pass a foreign aid bill that does not secure the border.
  • House Republicans believe the New York 3 election result is not a bellwether for the fall elections and are confident in keeping the majority.
  • They assert that the American people support their stance on immigration and that the Senate's bipartisan border security deal failed to solve the problem.
  • Speaker McCarthy has been requesting a meeting with President Biden to discuss border security and national security but has not been granted one.
  • He believes a one-on-one meeting would be beneficial in addressing the country's challenges.
  • House Republicans prioritize solving America's own issues before addressing global concerns.
  • They are working on solutions for border and Ukraine issues.
  • The House Republican conference met to discuss ideas for addressing these issues and will begin working on them in earnest.
  • House Republicans prioritize solving problems rather than engaging in political posturing.
  • They are committed to addressing spending bills in a timely manner.

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