Pentagon briefing: Maj. Gen. Pat Ryder addresses Russia's space weapons and Middle East conflicts

Pentagon briefing: Maj. Gen. Pat Ryder addresses Russia's space weapons and Middle East conflicts

Pentagon's Awareness of Russia's Anti-Satellite Weapon Capability

  • The Pentagon is aware of Russia's new anti-satellite weapon capability, but it is not an immediate threat and has not been deployed.
  • There is concern that Russia's new capability could be the result of collaboration with other US adversaries.

Houthi Attacks and US Response

  • There was another Houthi attack in the Red Sea, but the Department of Defense does not have any additional information at this time.
  • The US has not seen an attack against its forces in Iraq and Syria since February 4th, but they will maintain their focus on the mission and take appropriate action if necessary.
  • The US has degraded some of the Houthi capabilities, but they are still assessing the extent of the degradation.
  • The Houthis are being resourced and supported by Iran, and the US is taking this seriously and attempting to mitigate the situation.

US Role in the Escalation Between Israel and Lebanon

  • The Pentagon is concerned about the escalation of attacks between Israel and Lebanon and is working to prevent further escalation.
  • The US is taking an important role in helping Israel defend itself but also encouraging humanitarian assistance to the Palestinian people.

Pentagon's Approach to Protecting US Satellites and Military Assets in Space

  • The Pentagon is taking a proactive approach to protecting US satellites and military assets in space, including disaggregating capabilities to make it harder for adversaries to take down systems.

US Military Cooperation and Assistance

  • The US Department of Defense is building three munition lines in Texas with a Turkish state-owned defense corporation.
  • The US military is providing urgent assistance to Guyana.

Declassification of Information about Russia's Anti-Satellite Weapon

  • The release of information about Russia's anti-satellite weapon did not hurt national security, and the declassification processes and procedures were followed.

Ukraine's Military Doctrine and US Support

  • Ukraine is still operating under a Soviet-style doctrine in the field, despite US efforts to train them to operate under a more Western-style of war.
  • Ukraine has demonstrated its ability to improvise, overcome, and adapt on the battlefield, and the US will continue to support and advise them.

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