State Department spokesperson Matthew Miller holds briefing regarding the death of Alexei Navalny

State Department spokesperson Matthew Miller holds briefing regarding the death of Alexei Navalny

Russia-Ukraine Conflict

  • The US marked two years since Russia's invasion of Ukraine, highlighting the brutality of Putin's regime and weaknesses within its system.
  • Ukrainian citizens bravely defended against Russia's invasion in Bakhmut despite facing rationed ammunition due to dwindling supplies, resulting in Russia making notable gains.
  • The US will announce a major sanctions package on Friday to hold Russia accountable for Navalny's death and its actions in Ukraine.
  • The US is aware of the detention of a US-Russian dual national and is seeking consular assistance, but Russia often considers dual citizens as Russian first and impedes consular support.
  • The US Supreme Court rejected Ivan Safronov's request for house arrest, and the US will continue engaging with the Russian government on this matter.
  • Russia has placed US Senator Lindsey Graham on its terrorist and extremist list, but the US does not expect any significant ramifications from this as Senator Graham is unlikely to travel to Russia in the near future.

US-Russia Relations

  • The US has seen Russia continue to crack down on a free press and transparency, indicating that the Russian regime does not want its people to have information about its actions abroad or domestically.
  • The US continues to engage with the Russian government on the wrongful detention of US citizens in Russia and considers wrongful detention determinations on a case-by-case basis.
  • The US always prioritizes the safety and security of its citizens overseas, including those in Russia.

US-North Korea Relations

  • North Korea's announcement of openness to talks with Japan if Japan does not interfere with its nuclear and missile tests and abduction issues raises questions about the potential impact on the US and South Korea.

US-Israel Relations

  • The US has seen allegations of human rights violations against Palestinian women and girls in the West Bank and Gaza by male Israeli army officers and calls for a thorough and transparent investigation by Israel.
  • The US considers Israeli medical experts' testimonies regarding alleged assaults on Israeli women and girls during the October 7th incident as credible, while calling for an investigation into the allegations against Palestinian women and girls.
  • The US disagrees with former Brazilian President Lula's comments likening the situation in Gaza to the Holocaust and does not believe genocide has occurred in Gaza.
  • The US supports Israel's right to defend itself against terrorism and ensure long-term peace and security.
  • The US does not support a full-scale military campaign in Rafah that does not account for the safety and humanitarian needs of over 1 million Palestinian civilians.
  • The US has repeatedly demanded the immediate and unconditional release of hostages held by Hamas.
  • The US is committed to achieving a temporary ceasefire that would secure the release of hostages and allow humanitarian assistance to enter Gaza.
  • The US is concerned about the risk of escalation and widening of the conflict between Israel and Hezbollah and is pursuing a diplomatic resolution.

US-Pakistan Relations

  • The US calls for a full and transparent investigation into allegations of rigging and fraud in Pakistan's recent elections.
  • The US supports internet freedom and the availability of communication platforms in Pakistan.
  • The US Ambassador in Pakistan met with a former minister of Pakistan just two days after the election, indicating US involvement in Pakistani politics.

US-Saudi Arabia Relations

  • The US is working towards the establishment of an independent Palestinian state, but Saudi Arabia is not prepared to pursue normalization without it.

US-China Relations

  • The US is closely monitoring Beijing's actions near Taiwan and urges restraint and no unilateral change to the status quo, which has preserved peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait and the region for decades.
  • The US urges the PRC to engage in meaningful dialogue with Taiwan to reduce the risk of miscalculation.

Other Foreign Policy Issues

  • The US has engaged with countries worldwide, including African nations, to garner support for Ukraine's sovereignty and territorial integrity.
  • The US is closely monitoring developments in Guinea and encourages the transition authorities to work with regional organizations like ECOWAS to restore stability.
  • The US encourages the continuation of positive momentum in Chad by holding a constitutional referendum and elections to complete democratic governance.
  • The US remains concerned about media restrictions placed on the people of Chad and calls on the transitional authorities to ensure that freedoms of peaceful assembly and expression are fully respected, including for members of the press.
  • The US is engaging with other countries in the region to achieve these goals.
  • There is no update on the situation in the DRC since the US released a statement over the weekend regarding Rwanda's alleged involvement in the drone attack on the airport.
  • The US condemns the Houthi attacks on civilian cargo ships, including the attack on the SE Champion that was delivering food supplies to the Yemeni people.

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