Stock market today: S&P 500 hits fresh record as stocks recover from CPI rout | Feb 15, 2024

Stock market today: S&P 500 hits fresh record as stocks recover from CPI rout | Feb 15, 2024

Stock Market

  • The US stock market is experiencing gains, attempting to recover losses from earlier in the week.
  • Retail sales data came in below expectations, raising concerns about the Federal Reserve's interest rate cut path.
  • Companies are issuing negative EPS guidance for Q1 at a higher rate than historical averages, indicating a conservative outlook.
  • Cisco's CEO expressed caution about the macro environment and deals due to high uncertainty, leading to a more cautious forecast.
  • The market is closely monitoring corporate commentary to gauge the direction of the economy, as companies have a better understanding of ground-level business conditions.
  • The market is hoping for a soft landing for the economy in 2024, and the Federal Reserve may adjust its rate cut plans based on economic data.
  • Companies' earnings forecasts are coming in weaker than usual, but overall earnings for Q4 have been better than expected.
  • Potential red flags for 2024 include geopolitical and political uncertainties, especially for global companies with global supply chains.

Ross Gerber's Market Outlook

  • Ross Gerber, CEO of Gerber Kawasaki Wealth and Investment Management, believes we are in the early stages of a cyclical bull market.
  • He expects a near-term pullback of 5-10% in the next couple of months due to overbought conditions and seasonality.
  • Gerber favors the Industrials sector due to its leadership in the market, value tilt, and tailwinds from fiscal spending and secular trends.

AI and Tech Stocks

  • Alphabet shares are under pressure due to competition from OpenAI, which is developing a rival to Google search and an AI video generator.
  • Nvidia disclosed investments in smaller AI firms like SoundHound AI, Arm Holdings, and Recursion Pharmaceuticals, leading to gains in their stock prices.
  • Super Micro shares surged 12% after Bank of America initiated coverage with a bullish rating, citing expectations of strong revenue growth driven by AI demand.
  • Fastly shares declined after missing revenue estimates and providing weak guidance, with analysts pointing to lagging traffic in a particular geography.

Stellantis and EV Market

  • Stellantis reported strong earnings and announced a new buyback plan but warned of a turbulent year ahead due to EV product mix, shifting prices, higher labor costs, and price normalization.
  • Gerber believes Stellantis may achieve margin parity between EVs and ICE vehicles by mid to late decade.
  • Elon Musk hinted at working with Chinese partners to make cars and batteries cheaper.
  • Adam Jonas suggested that Tesla could leverage its JV operation in China for this purpose.
  • Musk mentioned that 20-30% of revenue is at risk due to Chinese car automakers entering the US market.
  • Despite challenges, EV sales are expected to reach 9.5% penetration in 2024 and close to 15% by 2025.
  • Tesla is projected to maintain its market leadership with a 50% share in 2023 and around 40% in 2025.
  • General Motors is expected to capture an 11% market share this year, becoming the first non-Tesla automaker with a double-digit share.
  • Pricing remains a challenge for EV adoption, but successful EVs have expanded the market and conquered segments with lower price points.
  • Tesla's valuation is currently seen as less attractive, while traditional automakers like GM offer opportunities for defensive qualities and offensive potential in the EV market.

Cryptocurrency and Gold

  • Bitcoin flows are stabilizing after the bankruptcies of 2022 and are exceeding previous highs, while gold funds have been steadily declining.

Workforce and DEI

  • The multigenerational workforce presents challenges in engaging and retaining employees.
  • Organizations need to have clear expectations and a culture that makes people feel like they belong and have a path for growth.
  • The value proposition for employees has shifted from traditional pay and benefits to a promise of continued relevance and growth opportunities.
  • Ageism is an insidious form of discrimination that disproportionately affects women and people of color in the workplace.
  • It's important to talk about ageism and make it a part of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) strategies.

Mortgage Rates and Housing Market

  • Mortgage rates have been going up due to strong economic data and higher-than-expected inflation.
  • Home buyers are waiting for a rate drop before returning to the market.

OpenAI and Google

  • OpenAI is reportedly planning to launch its own web search tool, which could impact Google's parent company, Alphabet.
  • Microsoft is also working on integrating OpenAI's technology into its Bing search engine to compete with Google.

Microsoft's Gaming Strategy

  • Microsoft announced plans to bring four first-party titles to rival consoles like PlayStation and Nintendo Switch, aiming to attract more subscribers to its Game Pass subscription service.
  • Game Pass has 34 million

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