What Do Audiences Really Want? | The Businessweek Show

What Do Audiences Really Want? | The Businessweek Show

This YouTube video is a compilation of interviews from the Businessweek Show. Here are the key points discussed in each section:


  • The video introduces the concept of television and how it has evolved over time, leading to the creation of shows like the Businessweek Show.

Interview with Jonathan and Drew Scott

  • Jonathan and Drew Scott, known as the Property Brothers, discuss their success in the reality TV industry.
  • They talk about using their platform to make home improvement technologies more affordable for everyone.
  • They emphasize the importance of supporting people and helping families live safe and happy lives.

Interview with Drew Afualo

  • Drew Afualo, known for roasting people online, discusses how she uses confrontation and humor to call out bad behavior on social media.
  • She talks about the challenges of being an influencer and staying true to herself without solely relying on what the algorithm wants.
  • The conversation also touches on her past partnership with Shein and the importance of learning from mistakes.

Interview with Mike Reiss

  • Mike Reiss, a writer and producer for "The Simpsons," discusses what makes the show great.
  • He highlights the show's ability to humorously portray human stupidity and adapt to the changing world.
  • Reiss reflects on his experience working on the show and expresses his satisfaction with its current direction.


  • The host addresses the audience and expresses gratitude for their support.
  • They mention the show's goal of figuring out what the audience wants and providing valuable content.
  • The video ends with a lighthearted exchange between the host and Homer Simpson, showcasing their humor.

Overall, the video features interviews with various guests who discuss their experiences and perspectives in their respective fields.

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