LIVE: 'Rust' trial continues over death of cinematographer

LIVE: 'Rust' trial continues over death of cinematographer

Witness's Testimony

  • The witness, Hannah Gutierrez-Reed's supervisor in the props department, confirms that she had a cooperation agreement with the state, granting her immunity from prosecution in exchange for truthful testimony.
  • She clarifies that she was not Hannah's boss but rather a supervisor in the props department.
  • She confirms that Hannah was a part-time props assistant and a full-time armorer, with her primary duty being the handling of firearms.
  • She occasionally asked Hannah to assist with props-related tasks when there was no firing of guns.
  • She confirms that she had some armor duties, assisting Hannah in loading and unloading guns on the set.
  • She received training from Seth Kenny on a prior film, which lasted approximately 10 days during pre-production.
  • Initially, the witness states that she doesn't recall saying she couldn't differentiate between a dummy round and a live round. However, she later clarifies that she does know the difference between a single-action and a double-action revolver.
  • She confirms that she worked under Seth Kenny's license with PDQ props but was not physically working at his business.
  • She corrects her previous statement about throwing away the revolvers, clarifying that she discarded rounds from two revolvers after the shooting.
  • She had a brief phone conversation with Seth Kenny after the incident, during which he seemed mortified, but she doesn't recall the specific details of the conversation.
  • She threw away the rounds from the two revolvers she had loaded, believing they were not the rounds in question and that she had forgotten about them.
  • She acknowledges that she didn't inform anyone at the scene about discarding the rounds and understands that the police would want to see everything related to the shooting.
  • She agrees that throwing away potential evidence could be an issue and acknowledges that it's the law enforcement's determination to decide what's relevant.

Events on the Day of the Shooting

  • There was no safety meeting on the day of the shooting.
  • She was not in the church when Hannah took the revolver to check it with Dave Halls.
  • She doesn't remember how many rounds were in the revolvers that she removed rounds from and threw away.
  • She had not talked to Alec Baldwin much on the set before the shooting but did text him after the shooting.
  • She had three phone calls and several text messages with Alec Baldwin after the shooting.
  • She provided the code to the safe to Seth Kenny before the prop truck search.
  • Hannah Gutierrez-Reed retrieved her personal belongings from the set after the police cleared the area.

Disagreements and Firing Discussions

  • Gutierrez-Reed had disagreements with Hannah Gutierrez-Reed but did not want to fire her.
  • Gutierrez-Reed initially denied wanting to fire Hannah but later corrected herself and confirmed that she did want to fire her from props.
  • Others, including Seth Kenny, also wanted to fire Hannah.
  • Gutierrez-Reed communicated to Hannah that she needed to do more in her props duties.
  • Hannah and Gabrielle Pickle had a disagreement over props duties, and Gutierrez-Reed was aware of an email about it.
  • The decision to fire Hannah was discussed with Seth Kenny, but Gutierrez-Reed doesn't remember the exact date.

Post-Incident Conversations

  • After the incident, Gutierrez-Reed spoke to Jensen, Swen, and Nicole but not Alec Baldwin or David Halls.
  • Gutierrez-Reed left the set to go back to base camp or home around 9 or 9:30 pm.
  • She doesn't recall whether she told the police that she threw away the rounds but remembers telling Detective Alex about it a month later.
  • Gutierrez-Reed had multiple interviews with law enforcement and investigators, but she doesn't remember specific conversations.
  • She confirmed that she told law enforcement about throwing away the rounds, transporting firearms, and taking Hannah's personal bag.
  • Gutierrez-Reed exchanged text messages with Weston Brownley after the shooting to discuss the case.
  • She expressed anger towards Miss Gutas Reed in a text message, saying, "I hope she's put in jail, this is outrageous."

Zachary's Testimony

  • Zachary was asked about the specific language in her cooperation agreement with the state of New Mexico, which required her to testify truthfully. She confirmed that she was required to give truthful testimony and that if she didn't, the agreement would be void and she could be prosecuted.
  • Zachary was questioned about her role as Gutierrez's boss, specifically regarding props and firearms. She clarified that she was only Gutierrez's supervisor for props, while firearms were handled by a separate department.
  • Zachary described Gutierrez's work ethic as not being the greatest and mentioned that she often preferred to clean guns rather than assist with other prop-related tasks.
  • Zachary recalled Gutierrez showing up late to set one day due to

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