Pour réussir sa vie, il faut trouver son couloir | Karine Oulaté AKA | TEDxGrandBassam

Pour réussir sa vie, il faut trouver son couloir  | Karine Oulaté AKA | TEDxGrandBassam

Karine's Educational Journey

  • Karine faced difficulties in education in Ivory Coast, labeled as "stupid" by teachers and peers.
  • Despite her struggles, she excelled in basketball and dreamed of becoming a professional player.
  • After failing her baccalaureate exam on the first try, she eventually passed and moved to France to study.
  • Surprisingly, she found success in the French education system, realizing the Ivorian pedagogy did not align with her learning style.

Basketball Career and Challenges

  • Karine's parents did not value basketball as a career and only saw it as a means to encourage good grades.
  • She faced challenges balancing school and sports, leading to a strained relationship with her parents.
  • After winning the French Championship in 2009 and 2010, she received an opportunity to play for a club in the United States.
  • During a friendly match, she suffered a severe knee injury that ended her basketball career.

Transition to Digital Career

  • After her basketball dream was shattered, Karine fell into depression and struggled to find purpose.
  • While battling depression, she discovered a TV program about digital careers and became intrigued by the potential of the internet and social media.
  • Inspired by the program, she enrolled in a Master's program in Internet and Digital Practices, discovering a new passion and finding fulfillment in the field.

Success in Digital Field

  • Karine obtained a master's degree and began working in a specialized field related to the internet.
  • She expressed her belief that the internet could help develop her home country, Côte d'Ivoire.
  • Despite her accomplishments, she constantly doubted herself and felt like an imposter.
  • Upon returning to Côte d'Ivoire after 12 years abroad, she faced challenges in finding a job due to her lack of a network.
  • Surprisingly, she secured multiple contracts within a short period and became the director of an agency.
  • Observing the limited advice and potential errors shared by so-called experts in the digital field, she decided to openly share her knowledge and expertise.
  • Karine gained recognition as an expert in cybersecurity and social media algorithms in Côte d'Ivoire and French-speaking Africa.
  • Meta (Facebook) contacted her for a partnership due to their expertise, making her the first person in Côte d'Ivoire and French-speaking Africa to collaborate with Meta.

Advice and Reflections

  • Karine emphasizes the importance of finding one's true calling and achieving goals beyond expectations.
  • She advises parents to support their children's unique talents and passions, even if they differ from societal norms.
  • Karine encourages individuals to persevere and not give up, but stresses the significance of finding the right path and aligning one's efforts with their true calling.
  • She concludes by emphasizing the importance of faith in God, believing that God knows the path one should take and has a purpose for each individual.

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