Sessions 8/31/23 | In The Company of Wolves (Sydney and Brayden Guerrette) | TEDxChattanooga Salon

Sessions 8/31/23 | In The Company of Wolves (Sydney and Brayden Guerrette) | TEDxChattanooga Salon

Mental Health Awareness Journey

  • The speaker introduces the topic of mental health and suicide, emphasizing the importance of seeking help.
  • They share their personal struggles with mental health and their decision to embark on a year-long RV journey to raise awareness and encourage youth to make a difference.
  • During their travels, they partnered with organizations like To Write Love on Her Arms and conducted workshops and presentations in schools.

Song Inspiration and Band's Mission

  • One encounter with a student who shared her poem about her sister's suicide attempt inspired the speaker to write a song called "11" to highlight youth struggles.
  • The band's name, "In the Company of Wolves," draws from scripture and represents their mission to provide genuine love and acceptance to those who have been demonized or condemned.

Performance and Storytelling

  • The speaker introduces the band members and performs several songs, including "Only Human," "11," and "Ruins of the Temple," which convey messages of self-acceptance, resilience, and pursuing passions despite challenges.
  • They emphasize the importance of storytelling in fostering a less divided community.

Paradigm Shift and Personal Struggles

  • The name "Paradigm" implies the need for a paradigm shift, acknowledging the necessity for change and taking action through conversations.
  • The speaker shares a personal experience of feeling broken and alone, expressing a desire for support and understanding.
  • The song "Follow Me Home" conveys the speaker's struggle with inner demons and the search for light amidst darkness, emphasizing the need for companionship during difficult times.

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