Operation Lone Star; Isle of Man | 60 Minutes Full Episodes

Operation Lone Star; Isle of Man | 60 Minutes Full Episodes

Texas Border Crisis

  • Texas Governor Greg Abbott deployed thousands of police and soldiers and miles of barriers to deter illegal crossings, arguing that the federal government has failed to fulfill its obligation to the states.
  • Critics argue that each state cannot control its own border policy and that this will lead to a chaotic system.
  • Texas has spent more than $150 million sending migrants on buses to cities like New York and Chicago.
  • Former Chief of the US Border Patrol under President Biden, Raul Ortiz, criticized Governor Abbott for not cooperating with the border patrol and playing politics with immigration.
  • The Biden Administration has carried out over 4 million expulsions and deportations but has also allowed over 3 million people to remain in the country for years while their immigration cases are heard.
  • Texas has a new law that authorizes its more than 2700 law enforcement agencies to arrest migrants for illegally crossing the border, bypassing the federal immigration system entirely.
  • Critics of the law say it is so broadly written that it fails to define when authorities can stop someone and that it could lead to racial profiling.

Isle of Man TT

  • The Isle of Man TT is a unique and dangerous motorcycle race held on public roads in the Isle of Man, a self-governing British Crown dependency in the Irish Sea.
  • The race is run on public roads that are open to normal traffic until just 30 minutes before racing begins.
  • Riders reach speeds of over 185 mph and take more than 200 turns just inches from rock walls and buildings.
  • The TT race began in 1907 as a car race but was later changed to a motorcycle race.
  • The TT race is considered the most dangerous motorcycle race in the world, with over 250 riders killed since its inception.
  • Despite the dangers, the TT race continues to attract riders and fans from all over the world.
  • The TT is a commercial bonanza for the Isle of Man, attracting 40,000 fans and generating significant revenue.
  • Despite the risks, riders are drawn to the TT by the thrill and excitement of racing on public roads at high speeds.

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