AI's content use battles: What you need to know

AI's content use battles: What you need to know
  • OpenAI's business model relies on unfettered access to copyrighted material, but it is not crucial for society to allow it for free.
  • The New York Times and other publishers believe they should be compensated for their content that OpenAI uses.
  • There may be a need for revenue sharing deals or a royalty scheme in order to utilize large language models without infringing on copyright.
  • Google's profitability would not be significantly impacted by paying more for content or less, so the distribution of resources and money is important.
  • The Times took legal action because they did not find negotiations with OpenAI productive, and they want to challenge assumptions early on.
  • The media industry is struggling to find profitable models, and if there is no partnership or royalty agreement with AI, it could further contract.
  • The paywall model may not work if AI can access information regardless, posing a challenge for media companies like the Times.

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